Nigeria: An Insigt into the war against Boko Haram

Nigeria: An Insigt into the war against Boko Haram

An Insight into the remote Causes, Consequences and Cure to Insurgency in northern Nigeria

Fromm Verlag ( 08.04.2019 )

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The constant fatal attacks by Boko Haram on the Nigerian populace, as well as the destruction of their property, businesses and means of livelihood is a phenomenon that is extremely difficult to rationalise. The war is launched without consideration to the core transcendent value of the human being, which we call human dignity. This work explores the causes, consequences and extent of this war. It goes deeper to investigate the remote conditions, which make Nigeria susceptible to terrorism. Among others, the work lists colonialism, poverty, political manipulation and corruption as situations that favour Boko Haram. It takes the stand however, that nothing can justify the destruction of human life, because human life in its content has a certain respect-worthiness that persists even in conflict-situations. Employing the concept of human dignity in arguing against the actions of Boko Haram, it dwells profusely on Kant, who transformed the idea into a genuinely moral notion. The work goes deeper into the origin and development of the concept of human dignity and uses same to argue against any justification for the destruction of life and property and profers some solutions at last.

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